Me Opening For Artie Lange. Andiamo’s Showroom. Warren, MI. 4/18/15

andiamo's showroom
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When I was told that I would be opening for Artie Lange, I nearly lost my chill.  This guy knew EVERYONE, was cool with Howard Stern, had the most intense life ever, and here’s me…admitted Blerd with some level of Billy Dee Williams cool, but a pretty mellow life.  Nothing that would get a biography written.  I thought we’d not have anything in common.

Man, was I wrong!  Artie and I spoke about 20 minutes, mainly about me and my life.  Then, after my set, I spoke to his road manager for about 30 minutes.  Just two, down to earth, guys, really.  I was completely taken aback by them both.

And, performing in front of 800 people wasn’t bad at all…