Bobby Slayton. Comedy Castle. Royal Oak, MI. 4/3/14/-4/5/14

comedy castle
About This Project

When Mr. Ridley called me to tell me that I’d be featuring for him at the Castle, “excited” would have been an understatement.  I had worked super hard, performing hundreds of times all over the place, to get this opportunity.  But, I was proud of the fact that he felt that I could hold my own with less that 3 years under my belt.

I was supposed to open for Dave Attell but he couldn’t make it…I think that he was filming “Trainwreck”…so, Mr. Ridley told me to wait on telling anyone until he got the headliner.  He calls me back later in the day to tell me that I’d be “opening for the Pitbull Of Comedy, Bobby Slayton”.  WTW?!?  This dude is exactly that: a pitbull!  He is other level, sharp, biting, jokes.  And, the energy this older cat has is crazy.

Well, what I experienced was a lesson in comedy.  Watching Mr. Slayton perform was like taking a class in comedy.  I learned the difference between telling a joke and delivering a joke.  It was humbling and an honor.