Me backstage with Jim Norton, Andiamo’s Showroom. Warren, MI. 9/26/15

andiamo's showroom
About This Project

I had so much fun working with Jim Norton. Earlier in the year, I had opened for Artie Lange, easily one of the most enjoyable people I’ve ever met, in or out of comedy. Artie was loose and measured at the same time. Artie talked to me for about 20 minutes, asking about my personal life and growing up in the area; it felt more like an interview when looking back on it.

Jim was different. He was so matter-of-factly, focused on his job, but still as engaging as Artie. And, when he hit the stage, he was poking and prodding the crowd. He made it feel like he was just maneuvering through the crowd, stopping at a group to tell a story, then moving on to the next person. The showroom didn’t feel as big, and there were 850 people in there. It was something to see.